015: Sacred Inner Circle

Happiness, Lifestyle, Podcast

Thanks for being here today! Stick around to the end of this episode to hear me answer questions from my Facebook page.

  • [01:13] – My life’s work has finally come to fruition.
  • [02:00] – Listen to my life-story around weight loss and exercise.
  • [04:44] – I share how I met Ted.
  • [06:12] – Life after marrying Ted was baptism by fire.
  • [08:04] – Toxic mold exposure in our MTV Cribs home made us sick.
  • [09:11] – The Environmental Health Center saved my life.
  • [10:05] – Learn from my mistakes and join Sacred Inner Circle.
  • [11:45] – My life calling is to help people become happier and healthier.
  • [14:05] – I am so grateful for my health!
  • [15:16] – Energy vampires suck the energy out of you!
  • [17:35] – I describe Sacred Inner Circle.
  • [20:57] – Learn more at http://ShemaneNugent.com/sacredinnercircle
  • [22:32] – Tips for depression.



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