013: From Rock Bottom to Millionaire with Steven Livoti


This Episode:

On this episode, I am joined by Steven Livoti.  Steven describes himself as someone with a big heart who appreciates the relationships he’s built. In this conversation, you will hear Steven share his experiences from the low points in his life to his work with Potter’s House in Guatemala.

In this conversation, you will quickly learn that Steven is an intentional person.  He shares how nutrition and diet play a role in his life.  Steven believes the ultimate goal is to have fulfillment and he has a passion for helping people, especially teenagers experience it.  I really enjoyed this conversation, and I believe you will, too!


Connect with Steven Livoti:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/stevenlivoti

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/steven-livoti-988694b

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/stevelivoti11/


You’ll Learn:

  • [0:29] – Steven answers my important introductory question, “Who is Steven Livoti?”
  • [01:47] – Steven and I have only spent a few minutes together, but we feel a strong connection. He explains how nutrition could play a role in that.
  • [03:10] – Steven explains why these products are so important, even if we think we are eating healthy on our own.
  • [05:47] – Steven explains how these products have improved his energy, specifically in the area of sleep.
  • [07:52] – Steven talks about some of his low moments in life.
  • [10:07] – Steven shares how to avoid negativity.
  • [16:00] – Steven is reading Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo, and he talks about music in his life.
  • [19:57] – Steven describes how he handles situations when he does feel worried.
  • [21:24] – By following a system, Steven was able to remove other things, which led to him feeling better and having more awareness.
  • [23:04] – Steven believes the ultimate goal is to have fulfillment. He experienced the most amount of pain as a teenager, and he would like to spend time around teenage mentoring programs.
  • [27:20] – Steven shares that he went through the 12-Step Program and talks about finding the thing that makes your heart sing.
  • [28:45] – We talk about boys being told to not show emotion as they are growing up. Steven brings up the power of vulnerability.
  • [30:38] – Steven talks about feeling fortunate for being born in the United States, considering the tragedies happening around the world.
  • [32:48] – Steven explains why Ted’s stance towards drugs and alcohol is needed.
  • [39:37] – I ask Steven for his advice on a situation of one of my family members.


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