012: Life in the Eye of the Camera with Rocco Nugent


How cool is it when you get to learn from your kids?  That requires parents to take a back seat.  It can be humbling and enlightening to experience the world through the lens of a younger generation.  In this episode, you will hear an interview with my son, Rocco.  Rocco has lived an incredible life and has been in the eye of the camera since birth.  However, there is a downside of being the son of a rock star.  You will hear more about this in the interview.

In this conversation, you will hear Rocco share his experience growing up in tour buses and feeling like airports are home.  His love for basketball led to deciding to attend an inner-city school, and he talks about how his experience in that environment led to who has become today.  Rocco is now in Los Angeles and exploring his creative side in music and acting.  Rocco is a thoughtful individual that feels he has to change himself before he can change the world.

Connect with Rocco Nugent:

Website – RoccoMoon.co

Soundcloud – RoccoMoon

You’ll Learn:

  • [01:47] – Rocco introduces himself to us.
  • [03:03] – Rocco talks about a party with rock stars when he was a child.
  • [04:07] – Rocco explains how his childhood experience has impacted his view of the world.
  • [07:25] – Rocco shares his thoughts on the downside of the way he was raised, social isolation.
  • [10:57] – Rocco talks about the home-life, including a memory of the house being contaminated with mold and seeing his dad cry for the first time.
  • [13:35] – Rocco says that he preferred to live on tour buses.
  • [15:07] – Rocco talks about going to an inner-city school because of basketball. I share why this was a great experience for me.
  • [20:22] – Rocco shares an experience from his teen years, a peer being shot. He talks about this situation opening his eyes to his own safe and secure environment.
  • [25:13] – Rocco was able to host friends for ranch nights on our property.
  • [27:22] – Rocco then went to Las Vegas to train for basketball. This was when some sadness and depression set in.
  • [28:28] – A physical indicated that Rocco had a heart irregularity. A failed physical led to some interest in my poetry by a publisher.
  • [31:33] – At that point, Rocco moved to Los Angeles and got into music and acting. He talks about working with Nicholas Cage.
  • [34:46] – Rocco explains how he wants to change the world.
  • [40:48] – Rocco talks about his Peace Guardians experience and teaching four and five-year-olds.

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