007: Dealing with the Pain of Miscarriage


Sometimes life gets in the way.  To illustrate this, I share a story from my past.  I share a painful life experience that I went through and continue to go through.

While watching a YouTube video, I had feelings and pain surface over the loss I experienced through a miscarriage.  In this episode, I talk about that experience in my life and why I didn’t work through the emotions of that loss at the time.  After two decades, I work through this loss.

You’ll Learn:

  • [01:01] – At a point in my life, things were very busy. My husband was busy with his career, and I was immersed in my role as a mother.
  • [03:33] – I recently found out about Music.ly, and while investigating that app, I realized I have been missing something in my life.
  • [05:45] – After more than two decades, I missed my child that I lost. I would have named her Coco.
  • [06:34] – I wonder what Rocco would have been like as a sibling and what Coco would have been like.
  • [08:00] – I remember the subtle things from my pregnancy and share my miscarriage experience.
  • [12:45] – Life got busy, and I never had the opportunity to deal with this pain the way I should have, until now.
  • [14:26] – I explain why I wanted to share this story on my blog and here on the podcast.
  • [15:55] – I wonder why, as a culture, we treat miscarriages the way we do.
  • [17:00] – I talk about my need for helping others through charities.


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