005: 7 Steps on How to Fight a Cold


This Week’s Episode:

My husband, Ted Nugent, recently went on a trip and got sick.  I know that prevention is key to keeping sickness away.  I doubled up on my vitamins and made sure I got my greens.  Well, a few weeks later, Ted got sick again and this time, I wasn’t so vigilant.  I let my guard down and caught his cold!

In this episode, you are going to hear my seven steps on how to fight a cold.  Sure, it’s best not to get sick at all, but sometimes it happens, and these steps will help you recover from the illness.  For more information like I shared with you today, pick up my book, 4 Minutes a Day, Rock ‘n Roll Your Way to Happy: Be Happier, Healthier, More Prosperous, and Life the Life of Your Dreams

You’ll Learn:

  • [00:34] – Ted recently went on a trip and came home sick with a cold.  After recovering, he got sick again!
  • [02:03] – Step #1:  Note the day you first have symptoms. Write down the symptoms and when you first noticed them.
  • [02:36] – Step #2: Check with your doctor on the 2nd or 3rd day you have the symptoms of a cold. 
  • [03:25] – Step #3: REST!  Get caught up on some Netflix.
  • [04:54] – Step #4: Wipe down every surface.  This keeps you from reinfecting yourself and others in your household.
  • [05:11] – Step #5: REST!
  • [05:26] – Step #6: Be proactive with chicken soup, Kleenex, honey and lemon, chamomile tea, cough lozenges, and whiskey. 
  • [06:47] – Step #7: Don’t work out.


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