004: Understanding Functional Medicine with Dr. Pamela Hughes


This Week’s Episode:

Dr. Pamela Hughes joins me on this episode of This Rockin’ Life.  I really enjoyed speaking with Pamela and I think you will get a lot out of our discussion.

In this conversation, you will hear Pamela’s backstory and how she ended up in Florida. She also explains how her husband’s injury led to her interest in functional medicine.  Pamela shares the joy that receives by getting people off drugs and getting them to feel well without that medication.  You will hear Pamela and I talk about the toxins we are putting our bodies and how techniques that The Hughes Center for Functional Medicine uses, like IV minerals and cleansing/detoxing through Isagenix can help people get healthy. 

Connect with Dr. Pamela Hughes:

The Hughes Center for Functional Medicine

You’ll Learn:

  • [00:40] – Pamela explains how she ended up in Naples, Florida.
  • [01:50] – Pamela describes herself.  She is determined and has a passion for people and medicine. This is a path that started in 8th grade.
  • [04:21] – I share how Pamela and I met. 
  • [05:17] – Pamela shares her experience in the military. This led to her interest in functional medicine. She describes her husband’s recovery through functional medicine.
  • [08:33] – We talk about the reasons to drink water out of glass.  We also discuss the dangers of chemicals that seem into the food and beverages we drink.
  • [11:29] – IV minerals are incredibly beneficial. I receive those treatments when I visit the Hughes Center and Pamela shares why these treatments are important. 
  • [15:30] – Pamela discusses stress and the seriousness of having stress in your life. 
  • [17:20] – Pamela and I share the products that we’ve recently started and how those are affecting our lives.
  • [22:05] – Pamela shares some of the common symptoms they treat at the Hughes Center for Functional Medicine.  Pamela talks about a wellness program she is putting together. 
  • [26:04] – Pamela explains why she likes to see people when they are healthy. 
  • [27:28] – Pamela talks about Isagenix, cleansing and detoxing.
  • [29:43] – Pamela shares the results she’s experienced with Isagenix.


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