003: Become MindLESS, not MindFUL, with Dr. Kapil Gupta


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This Week’s Episode:

Dr. Kapil Gupta joins me on this episode. Dr. Gupta is a personal advisor to celebrities and professional athletes who want to take their lives and performances to the next level.

In this conversation, we discuss Dr. Gupta’s new book, Atmamum and his philosophies.  You will hear Dr. Gupta explain why he believes in mindlessness and he explains how this is where “the zone” is.  He also shares his opinion on the formulaic recipe tendencies of modern-day culture.  Dr. Gupta’s comments on parenting are interesting and you’re going to want to hear his thoughts.  This conversation has changed my life and I hope it gives you a new perspective on yours.

Connect with Dr. Kapil Gupta:

Website: http://www.kapilguptamd.com/

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KapilGuptaMD

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KapilGuptaMD

You’ll Learn:

  • [01:30] – When asked to describe himself, Dr. Gupta calls himself a “fascinating student of life.”
  • [02:25] – Dr. Gupta shares his background and explains how his early life shaped his philosophies.
  • [03:47] – Dr. Gupta works with professional athletes. He explains that the higher the stage, the more need there is for the kind of support he provides.
  • [05:35] – Dr. Gupta explains how he works with professional athletes. Though his own experimentation, he discovered what “the zone” is.
  • [10:34] – Dr. Gupta says that formulaic tendencies of modern-day culture leads to mediocrity.
  • [12:30] – Dr. Gupta does not believe it’s difficult to block things out. He explains that “difficulty is only possible when one feels that he has a choice.”
  • [18:40] – In his book, Dr. Gupta says that parents don’t really love their children and parenting is a burden. He explains these comments.  He discusses the difference between love and attachment.
  • [23:40] – Dr. Gupta says, “The ability to curb involuntary thought is the pathway to achieving everything you want in your life.” He goes on to share his thoughts on mindfulness. He feels that we are at our best when we are mindless.
  • [31:44] – If you are just starting out with meditating, Dr. Gupta shares some recommendations.
  • [34:49] – Dr. Gupta talks about the idea of competitiveness. He says that we operate at our best when we are relaxed.
  • [38:17] – Dr. Gupta says that he wishes we had a near-death experience once every three months. He explains this opinion.



  1. Ted Kettler

    Great episode Shemane.
    Dr. Gupta is so right about so many things. Of the many things I do, being a cyclist and mountain biker are part of what I call my “Head Cleansing” and Dr. Gupta has given me a view into what is holding me back from performing better. I will have to learn to put into practice what he says. Thanks for the fine episode!

    I’m so surprised to hear that you used to race motocross!! Holy crap!! Do you still ride? I’m a motorcycle nut, another one of my “cleansing” methods. Very good for the soul.

    I do a podcast also and it’s Motorcycle Based. Well I could go on and on about motorcycles and riding and how therapeutic that is, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve listened to all of your episodes and they are fantastic. Keep up the good work. I’m learning a lot too.

    • Shemane Nugent

      Ha! No, it’s been a while since I raced. Thanks for tuning into my podcast. Glad you’re here!


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